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 PLC Trainers, Industrial Software, and Automation Solutions
Control Panel Design and Fabrication
At BLF-Tech LLC we design and fabricate panels of all sizes in our panel shop. Our facility, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is staffed by our own employees allowing us to maintain exacting standards over the entire design and build process. Every panel we fabricate is thoroughly tested  before being shipped to the customer.

  • All panels are designed to our quality standards.
  • PLC based designs include 20% spare I/O capacity for future expansion.
  • A written test procedure is performed on all completed panels prior to shipment.
  • An electrical documentation package is included with each panel.
  • We specialize in Allen Bradleys PLC control systems.

We also offer several other PLC drivers, PLC Trainers, and a low priced HMI package for the automation market. Click a link below to learn more about each product.


PLC Driver Products

Allen Bradley ActiveX
Automation Direct ActiveX
Modbus Eth/Serial ActiveX
Custom HMI Software