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 PLC Trainers, Industrial Software, and Automation Solutions
Control System Modernizations
Over the last ten years, BLF-Tech LLC has worked on many control system modernization projects. We provide turnkey solutions to increase reliability and throughput for your manufacturing lines. We accomplish this by providing automation solutions and upgrades for aging and obsolete control systems. 

Our expertise with machinery, production lines and processes allows us to offer a range of Services to help our customers.

We can offer the following and more:
  • Control Upgrades
  • HMI Upgrades
  • Automation
  We specialize in Allen Bradley products  
  Control Upgrades  

We also offer several PLC drivers and HMI software for the automation market. Click a link below to learn more about each product.


PLC Driver Products

Allen Bradley ActiveX
Automation Direct ActiveX
Modbus Eth/Serial ActiveX
Custom HMI Software