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MicroLogix 1000 PLC Trainer

The MicroLogix 1000 Industrial PLC trainer is perfect for learning to program the Allen Bradley MicroLogix series of controllers. This controller has a serial connection for programming. The trainer was built with six output indicator lights, six toggle switch inputs, and four push button inputs. You can download Allen Bradley's programming software for this series of controller at no cost from the Allen Bradley web site. The MicroLogix 1000 trainer is custom built in a heavy duty case that allows you to carry and store it without fear of damage. 

MicroLogix 1000 PLC Trainer


You Will Receive the Following ITEMS:

  • 1761-L16BWA MicroLogix 1000 PLC.
  • Link to Allen Bradley's FREE Downloadable RSLogix Starter Lite Software.
  • MicroLogix serial cable. 
  • Storm Waterproof Case.
  • Six Toggle switch PLC Inputs
  • Four Push Button PLC Inputs
  • Six LED Light PLC Outputs
  • Sample HMI application with code for Visual Basic 2010 Express with Serial Driver.
  • Sample PLC program for the HMI application. 
  • Link to download Visual Basic 2010 Express FREE from Microsoft.
  • Support via email with any PLC or HMI questions that you may have.

This plc trainer is a small investment in your future. Along with some training and our Modules you can make yourself more marketable in today's tough job market.

This is a series of modules that is for the beginning programmer just learning how to program and the experienced technician that is looking to improve their skills We cover everything from simple instructions to advanced logic and HMI interfacing.

You will receive the following Modules in PDF format

Module 1 - Architecture and Operation: This first module is broken up into four sections:

  1. MicroLogix 1000 basic principles of operation
  2. MicroLogix specifications
  3. I/O structure and memory system
  4. Addressing notation

Module 2 - Input/Output System: This second module goes into more detail about the I/O system of the MicroLogix 1000 PLC. 

  1. Types of input/output devices
  2. Input interfaces
  3. Output interfaces
  4. System and I/O power distribution wiring

Module 3 - Basic Relay Instructions: This module teaches about the control program that links all of the components together.

  1. Ladder programming
  2. Input/contact instructions
  3. Output/coil instructions
  4. Special programming issues
  5. Basic relay programming examples

Module 4 - Timing, Counting, And Data Handling Instructions

  1. Timing instructions
  2. Counting instructions
  3. Data-handling instructions

Module 5 - Comparison and Flow Control Instructions

  1. Comparison instructions
  2. Flow control instructions—alter sequence
  3. Flow control instructions—halt execution
  4. Flow control instructions—alter I/O scan

Visual Basic HMI (Human Machine Interface),  With the included Visual Basic 2010 Express sample HMI code you will also learn how to create your own HMI using Microsoft's free Visual Basic 2010 Express software. This will turn your computer with a serial connection into an HMI that can communicate with the MicroLogix 1000 via its serial port. Using a version of our included DF1 HMI driver you will learn how an HMI interfaces with the PLC and is controlled by your PC, HMI’s are common in many manufacturing/production plants and learning this will take your training to the next level…





Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 PLC Trainer $749.99


Please e-mail us at Sales@blftech.com for more information or to request a trainer quotation.