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Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 Series PLC with Analog Trainer

The MicroLogix 1100 Industrial PLC trainer is perfect for learning to program the Allen Bradley series of controllers. This controller has a Serial and Ethernet connection for programming. The trainer is built with six output indicator lights, six toggle switch inputs, and four momentary push button inputs. It also provides two analog input potentiometers and two analog output meter displays. You may download Allen Bradley's Free RSLogix 500 Starter programming software to program this series of controller. The MicroLogix 1100 trainer is built in a heavy duty case that allows you to carry and store it without fear of damage. 


This is the perfect complete training system with everything you need to start learning Ladder Logic with analog programming. This plc trainer is a small investment in your future. Along with the training from our lessons you can make yourself more marketable in today's competitive job market. Just download the FREE RSLogix software and start creating your own programs. 

You Will Receive the Following ITEMS:

  • 1763-L16BWA MicroLogix 1100 PLC with Serial/Ethernet Programming Ports

  • 1762-IF2OF2 Combination Analog Module with Two 0-10 Volt Panel Meters and two 0-10 Volt Potentiometers.

  • Visual Basic 2010 Express Software for HMI Programming

  • Link to Allen Bradley's FREE RSLogix Starter Software - Downloadable from AB's Web Site

  • Six Two Position Toggle Switch PLC Inputs

  • Four Push Button PLC Inputs

  • Six LED Light PLC Outputs

  • All Enclosed in a Storm Case

  • Sample instruction PLC programs

  • Sample HMI applications

  • Sample PLC programs for the HMI application

  • Support via email with any PLC or HMI questions that you may have.

This is a series of lessons that is for the beginning programmer just learning how to program and the experienced technician that is looking to improve their skills We cover everything from simple instructions to advanced logic and HMI interfacing.

The Included Lessons

Basic introduction: RSLinx Configuration, Downloading, Going Online, Viewing Programs, Translating a Sequence of Operations into Ladder Logic

Understanding The PLC's Scan Cycle: How the PLC's looks at the PLC inputs, executes the logic and decides what needs to happen next, including updating data and turning on or off the PLC outputs.

Basic Motor Start/Stop Circuit: Build a simple motor start/stop circuit using PLC ladder logic.

Building an Alarm Circuit with Latch Instructions: (OTL, OTU, XIC, XIO)  In this lesson we will cover how to use the OTL output latch and OTU output unlatch instructions to build an alarm circuit commonly used in the field today. 

Visual Basic HMI (Human Machine Interface),  With the included sample HMI program you will also learn how to create your own HMI using Visual Basic Express software. HMI’s are common in many manufacturing/production plants and learning this will take your training to the next level…

Sequencing Conveyer System: (On Delay and Off Delay Timers, Up Counters), Learn how to use timers to delay turning motors on and off and counters to count parts that are moving down a production line.

Add a High speed Conveyor to the Sequencing Conveyer System: This lesson introduces the S2 Status Files and how we can use them in our conveyor system to make an alarm flash. We will also introduce the MOV instruction to move data in the PLC.

Tank Level pump sequencing: In this lesson we turn on and off tank level pumps depending on the level switches in the tank and the water removed from the tank. We will then modify the program to have the pumps automatically alternate and cycle on and off (one at a time)

Analog Tank Level Program: In this lesson we add a level transducer to the tank and control the tank level pumps depending on the level in the tank and the water removed from the tank. We will also build an HMI to interface with and control the PLC program.

We will ship 1-2 days after payment has been received... We custom build each trainer after the order is placed... includes FREE UPS shipping (USA)

More information on the software….. (By learning RSLogix 500 you will be able to program all SLC's (5/01-5/05) and MicroLogix PLC's (1000-1500)

RSLogix MicroLite is made by Rockwell Automation this software can only be used to program MircoLogix 1000's and 1100 PLC's. We will send you the link and the instructions on how to download the software. The NEW software by Rockwell now supports Windows Seven and also can program any Micrologix 1000 or 1100 Allen Bradley PLC. We have tested it on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and Home 32 bit. This download includes RSLinx lite and RSLogix Micro... and they both now support Windows Seven, You may check with Rockwell Automation
www.ab.com for the compatibility of your operating system


Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 Analog Trainer $1500.00



Please e-mail us at info@blftech.com for more information or to request a trainer quotation.