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  We write custom applications for many customers who cannot find a software solution and need help. This client needed to import several data points from an SLC 5/05 PLC into a 3rd party SPC program. We created this custom application program using Visual Basic 6.0.

The screen below shows the interface screen that is used to set the communication parameters for the 5/05 PLC. This project used our Allen Bradley Ethernet driver. This driver offers connectivity to the latest Allen Bradley Ethernet enabled automation controllers. The client needed the capability to adjust the poll rate, the PLC registers, the quantity of registers and a trigger bit from this screen.

The application polls the 5/05 controller at the poll rate and checks the trigger bit to see if the bit is on. If the bit is on the application reads all the data registers from the PLC and writes all the data to a text file on the computer. The 3rd party SPC program reads the text file, imports the data, and then deletes the text file. The PLC resets the trigger and we only read the data when the trigger bit is turned on again. This program runs in the background and requires very few computer resources.

We are very good at communicating with our clients to ensure all applications work as required and can provide the source code if they want to support the application. If you have any applications that you need help with please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote for you.


Please e-mail us at sales@blftech.com for more information or to request a project quotation.