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HMI display system for motor winding and assembly operation.

This client is a leading manufacturer in industrial motor products. Below is a sample screen from a project that involved controlling the automatic winding and insertion of motor stators. The daily manufacturing schedule is imported into the cell control computer and the data is parsed and downloaded to the PLC for manufacturing of various models of motors. Orders from different days that use the same specifications can be combined together and ran consecutively to reduce tooling changeover and increase production. The HMI was custom designed using Visual Basic 6.0 and connects to the company SQL server databases using ADO technology.

  • This is the daily schedule screen and allows the operator to easily view and sort the production schedule. The operator can efficiently organize the manufacturing of  motor windings and track production from one computer. The production data is also available to management for scheduling and decision making. 

Sample Projects
Motor Stator Winding Line
Pro Sports Stadiums
Automated Asphalt Plants
Custom Visual Basic Software