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Sophisticated Control systems

Professional sports stadiums demand the very best in every aspect of the project. These two projects are a sample of the professional stadium projects we have been involved in. Under the playing field is a sophisticated piping matrix that is used to control the moisture level of the playing field. The system's computer analyzes data and automatically initiates moisture management functions, or allows for manual operation from the field manager, to maintain ideal turf growing conditions. Specialized software permits operation of an overhead irrigation system directly through the control panel. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting are possible with a modem connection and software customized to your facility's design. We custom designed the control system and HMI for both of these projects.

Field: Pro Player Stadium
Location: Miami, Florida
Usage: Baseball/Football
Product: PAT 
Date Completed: March, 1995
Field: Turner Field
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Usage: Baseball
Product: PAT 
Date Completed: March, 1997

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