This five-day, hands-on workshop is designed to introduce the student:
To the Micro 800 family of Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers
To the CCW software used to program and troubleshoot the PLC.
Five Day Micro 800 Training Class
Introduction to Micro 800 using Connected Components Workbench Five Days for $2495.00
$2495.00 per student for the 5 day Micro 800 class
The following information will be presented through hands-on exercises and discussions:

Introduction to Micro 800 hardware components
Module operations
Data Memory & Scanning
The Program & Energizing Outputs
Micro 800 Relay-type Instructions
Introduction to CCW Program Software
Trainer Familiarization
Hands-on Exercises using CCW Software 
Program Documentation
Internal Relays & Memory Usage
Timer Instructions using CCW Software
Counter Instructions using CCW Software
Registers and Register-type Instructions
Math Instructions using CCW Software
Comparison Instructions using CCW Software
Analog Signals
Documenting the program with address & rung comments
Downloading and uploading Micro 800 programs
Troublesooting techniques
• Introduction to HMIs using VisualView Software
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